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Public Monitoring of Administrative Services

Smart Practices of Oversight by Non-State Actors on Service Provision

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Ambient accountability for better services

30-Jul-2013, by Shinichi Sakuma, UNDP, via web

Image from warrenski on Flickr

Image from warrenski on Flickr

Our partner - the Centre for Administrative Service Provision in Nogvograd-Volynskiy municipality – launches the new project to improve the quality of the administrative service provision and strengthen its anti-corruption efforts. It is co-funded by UNDP and the municipality.

In a municipality of Novograd-Volynskiy municipality with 56’000 population, the Centre for Administrative Service Provision was created in 2009 to provide 45 administrative services and 73 administrative social services to the local citizens. However, the citizens often do not know their rights and channels to report cases of unsatisfactory service provision to the municipal authorities.

We plan to apply the ambient accountability approach to improve at least 5 most popular administrative services in Novograd-Volynskiy municipality. This innovative approach aims to improve the physical environment of the public institutions to help citizens understand their rights, monitor performance of service providers and figure out ways to take action if things go wrong. It has been widely used by Transparency International in its anti-corruption initiatives in many countries. To ensure the user-perspective of the service provision, 5 public monitoring committees will be organized in Novograd-Volynskiy to conduct focus group meetings and develop their solutions to improve the Centre’s office.

Due to this initiative, we hope to improve the quality of the selected services provided by the Centre, equip its premises with additional visibility products helping citizens to know the procedures and their rights, and raise awareness of the visitors of different public institutions about the procedure of better service provision in the premises of the Centre. The idea will contribute to the broader effort of the municipality on making its administrative services more accessible and convenient to the citizens.