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Wider Europe: Aid for Trade for Central Asia,South Caucasus and Western CIS



The Wider Europe: Aid for Trade for Central Asia, South Caucasus and Western CIS project currently supports countries in the region to improve human development through trade and private sector development. The project works both regionally and individually with eleven countries–Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus,Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

Who will benefit?

Economic development

  • 20 producer organisations reached
  • 2160 producers/entrepreneurs trained
  • 2160 users


Slovakia, Europe
48.144422, 17.117433

Project in depth

The project is implemented in 11 countries in varied economic and social contexts. The interventions carefully consider these contexts and have been adapted to the specific needs of the clients to ensure a maximum impact of the interventions.

Current status

Completed and fully achieved all results

Results under phase II

• 9 countries;
• 33 166 direct clients of which 38% were female;
• 12 708 people were trained, of which 44% were female;
o Capacity development that works: in Kyrgyzstan, of the 500 people that were trained, 60% increased income on average by 11.8%. In Tajikistan, participating businesses increased exports by 10%;
• 72 000 people used one of our information systems, and over 2 700 sales were made over the online markets. During one visit to a trade fair, 18 contracts were concluded for over 3000 tons of agricultural produce;
• 1 674 new jobs were created/new employment, on average 56% of the jobs created were filled by women. In addition to this, 1818 individuals improved their income;

-Trainings/seminars on trade capacity building for farmers, entrepreneurs and govt officers
-Strengthening the TMIC
-Enhancing capacities of local SMEs in implementation of innovative export-oriented

-Batumi Business Incubator
-Development of professional skilled labour
-Agricultural trade promotion
-Tourism sector development
-Market information and consultation center

-Trade capacity development of local govt officers and SME supporting center
-Small grants for inclusive projects
-Development of domestic trade models

-Trainings/seminars on trade capacity building for farmers, entrepreneurs and govt officers
-Support to the BMIC to provide market/business information
-Supporting the selected farmers associations to enhance their trade capacity

-Capacity development for fruit producers and exporters
-Promotion of new technology for growing fruits
-Establishing contacts with EU and organizing a regional AG fair

-Institutional trade capacity building and mentoring programme (TEPC)
-Enhancing participation of the stakeholders in formulation of the Trade Development Strategy
-Trainings/seminars on trade capacity building for farmers, entrepreneurs and govt officers

-Technical support to the govt officers to development trade strategy and to enhance trade
-Technical assistance for export through trainings of SMEs and regional authorities

-Strengthening the productive capacities of communities to process and deliver market
oriented products meeting quality standards
-Strengthening capacities of regional and local authorities and business support institutions in trade related issues

Target groups:
- SMEs
- farmers
- local and national government structures
- business associations
- civil society

The overall goal of the project is to support inclusive growth in the region through the promotion of trade and the enhancement of each country’s competitiveness to support these countries’ efforts to reduce poverty and improve peoples’ lives.


  • Increased economic development along trade corridors
  • Increased use of trade opportunities through technical assis
  • Better understanding of informalities & enhanced capacities
  • Enhanced opportunities for SMEs and micro-businesses

Sustainability considerations are mainstreamed throughout all activities.

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Wider Europe: Aid for Trade for Central Asia

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