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Going Large with the EXPLODE

02-Jul-2013, by Vedad Pinjo, UNDP, via web

The Minister of Defense being briefed in TROM, Doboj

The Minister of Defense being briefed in TROM, Doboj

Continuing the ammunition disposal process started a few weeks ago, the Project EXPLODE introduced large caliber artillery ammunition disposal last week. As an introductory quantity, over 200 pieces of those munitions were dismantled contributing to over 4,000 pieces of ammunition disposed of since the beginning of the operation in TROM, Doboj.

Very busy week reached its peak on 27th June with an official kick-off event of the Project EXPLODE. The event was honored by the presence of high ranked officials from the BiH Ministry of Defense, BiH Parliament, the European Union Delegation in BiH, OSCE, NATO, EUFOR and UNDP. The Minister of Defense hosted the delegations in military facility TROM, Doboj to emphasize the importance of the partnership between the EU, UNDP, OSCE and the Ministry of Defense in making progress in the ammunition surpluses destruction in BiH. The speakers at the event agreed that the Project EXPLODE prevents loss of lives and improves safety in BiH.

Apart from these activities, the Project EXPLODE engineers started overhauling the engine of the Explosive Waste Incinerator that is to be used for small arms ammunition disposal in environmentally benign manner in the near future.

Explosive ordnance and remnants of war destruction (EXPLODE) project is financed by the European Union with the total value of 3,837,830 Euro. Project EXPLODE is implemented by the Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina and United Nations Development Programme in partnership with the OSCE Mission to BiH. The Project will run until 2015.